Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lucky Girl!

I consider myself a pretty lucky girl. I mean, look at who I get to hang out with every day...

he's the coolest little dude I know! No, I'm not a mommy, but I am a proud auntie and full-time nanny to this little man.
He's tons of fun and completely chill, which I'm oh so thankful for! Santiago's first birthday is coming up at the end of January. He likes to listen to music, lay on his uncle Chris for naps, watch Elmo, and people-watch while I shop. He especially loves messing with any electronics I have around..i.e. computer and cell phone. As I'm writing right now, he's pressing on every key, which I get to go back and delete. I'm letting him though, because- for one- it's hilarious, and two- I know he's just trying to help his auntie. I know his intentions are completely innocent.

I love when he gives me kisses, hugs...when he falls asleep on me, remembers something I've taught him, and...especially when he smiles and laughs. Those two new little teeth that look like grains of rice in his mouth are all too cute! Still, though, they are also a reminder to me that he is growing up quickly.
No, I may not be ready to be a mommy just yet, but I sure do enjoy every second I get to spend with this little man.

Now, if you'll excuse me, we've got some playing and napping to do!

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